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AAP demands requisition of special house meeting under Section 55(2) of MC Act to reconsider garbage plant agenda

Aam Aadmi Party Councillors today met Mayor Anoop Gupta and submitted a letter signed by party councilors asking for rrequisition of a special house meeting of MC, under Section 55 (2) of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 (as extended to Chandigarh) to reconsider the agenda of Garbage Processing Plant at Daddu Majra.
The letter says that the decision to establish the said plant was made erroneously, with the unreasonable and unwarranted expulsion of all opposition councillors after an argument with one councillor. This action, followed by the approval of a multi-crore plant, is morally, ethically, and legally wrong, contradicting the principles of democracy.
It further says that we are deeply troubled by the history of previous similar plants that have failed, causing severe health issues for residents, such as skin diseases, respiratory problems, and even deaths. Reports confirm that these diseases are directly linked to the toxicity present in the soil, water, and air due to the accumulation of unattended garbage in the area.
Large sums of public funds have been wasted on these failed attempts, and we must hold those responsible accountable while learning from past mistakes. Recklessly pushing through the establishment of this plant will lead our city into a dangerous cycle of disease, death, and financial scarcity. There are alternative solutions available, successfully implemented in other cities like Indore, as well as proposals from expert scientists working for the government. These methods can effectively address the garbage problem without incurring exorbitant costs and ensure accountability.
Considering the health of our citizens, the responsible use of public funds, and the adherence to democratic principles, it is imperative that this matter undergoes a thorough debate and voting process.
We firmly believe that the agenda item in question should be re tabled, debated, and approved only after following the due process as provided by the law. Therefore, in accordance with Section 55(2) of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976.
The requisition letter duly signed by the councillors, was submitted by Yogesh Dhingra, Jasbir Singh Laddi, Prem Lata, Ram Chander Yadav, Anju Katyal and Suman Amit Sharma.
Prem Garg, leader of the party said that meeting called by the Administrator was just an eye wash. Instead of discussing the issue, it was called to inform that administration is going ahead with setting up of the plant, in “my way or the high way style” There was no rationale of any heated debates at such meetings. Therefore Aam Aadmi Party found it imperative to discuss the matter threadbare in house meeting, which is the appropriate platform to hold such discussions.

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