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Audio writing has changed the nature of the story

  • Kavi Sammelan organized at 7th Global Literary Festival

In modern times, stories are not written but heard, as time is changing, people are reading less and listening more, so we get to hear a new form of stories in the form of podcasts or audio writing, in which we are connected to ourselves. I feel, if we talk about earlier, then there were many writers who came to be called as classic writers and poets like Premchand, Manto, Nirala, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, people understood what they wrote because their writing was in colloquial language. If you read Premchand, then what he wrote about the problems of that time is continuous even today.Whereas if we read Chetan Bhagat today, it seems that we are living the present life, The stories and novels being written these days fit well in today’s context said Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Director of Marwah Studio, in the webinar “New Trends in Fiction Writing” on the second day of the 7th Global Literary Festival, Noida.
In which Roman Masarik of the Czech Republic Embassy and many writers were involved such as Tanmay Dubey, Mahesh Darpan, Vivek Mishra, writer Era Tak and writer Pratibha Joshi. Along with this, Kavi Sammelan was also organized in which many eminent poets like Sarvesh Asthana, Satyapal Satyam, Manoj Kumar, Shreyaskar Gaur, Dr. Bhavna Tiwari, Dr. Rama Singh and Sonrupa Vishal narrated their compositions. Roman Masarik said that in the last two years of Pandemic, we have translated many famous Hindi books into our language. Writer Era Tak said that nowadays the demand for stories is decreasing and the demand for novels is high, so the stories are left behind.

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