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URI West India felicitated officers of Dongri Police station on 1st September, 2021, for successfully handling a POCSO case.


We had the privilege and honour to meet Senior Officer Ms. Shabana Shaikh, and share about the POCSO judgement. Along with Ms Qutub Kidwai, URI WEST INDIA and her team and Ms Nirmala Thakur of Joining Dots Organisation ( networking partners of City Core Group) expressed their.

sincere thanks to the team of Police Officers for the commendable work in handling the POSCO case and ensuring that justice was done to the unfortunate Child . Your team’s efforts led to the imprisonment of the offender.
Our sincere thanks to your Officers, Mr. Anil Bhabhal, Ms Seema Kashid, Ms Sonali Bharti, Mr. S. Kamble, Ms Usha Babar and Mr. Ganesh Shevte led under your leadership for helping the Child get justice .

Also appreciation for Ms Qutub Kidwai of URI and her team for working with the police team with perseverance and the Child and her family and achieving success.

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